Catwalk Systems

Catwalks The Venue Technologies Catwalk System has been developed to provide lighting designers, media system designers, architects, and acousticians with a highly configurable package for complex geometries, ease of installation, and reduced cost.

The mechanical design is sufficiently robust for seismic zones and to allow the catwalk system to act as the skeleton for complete ceiling packages, supporting ceiling clouds, theatrical fixtures, house light fixtures, loudspeaker systems, etc.

A primary design element is the configurable geometry, allowing for shaping to conform to the complex geometries of real auditorium ceilings, ranging from polygonal paths with diverse joint angles to diverse changes in elevation.

Special attention has been paid to minimization of installation labor, while at the same time providing extremely high dimensional accuracy, insuring that related components, such as suspended ceiling clouds, will fit perfectly on site.

Top frame assembly provides mounting plane for cable trays, connector strips, inter-catwalk beams for cloud suspension, etc.

Optional metal grate, metal plate, plywood, or OSB decking.

Optional outboard arms and pipes to support additional fixtures, house lights, work lights, moving lights, loudspeaker systems, etc.

2" railing pipes for safety and fixture clamping

Clevis plates for suspension

Optional bottom skin, can be acoustically diffusive in assorted shapes or absortive.

End frame shared with adjacent module



Outboard pipes 1.9" OD Schedule 40

Rail pipes 1.9" or 1.69" OD Schedule 40

Weight range for a typical 48" wide by 89" high configuration is 80 to 125 pounds per lineal foot depending upon deck type, pipe complement, and skin selection.

Finish is black powder coat

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